Wolf Team Current Projects


This project features a life-size bat box built by EPICS students to be used at Wolf Park educate visitors about indigenous species of bat in Indiana. Along with other interesting design ideas created by the team.


This project features a temperature-controlled glass case built by EPICS students to be used to house the Wolf Park taxidermy wolf. The taxidermy wolf case uses a program to read the temperature of the case and keep the wolf at a constant safe temperature.    

This project features an arcade game built by EPICS students to be used at Wolf Park to help children engage and learn about wolves. The game will allow children to pick a wolf and run through different levels, all while learning about wolves.


Wolf Team Past Projects

The interactive map will display educational information over each animal and attraction at Wolf Park. The interactive map is a current project that is in it's final stages of the engineering process

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The Donation Box is the newest completed project in the WOLF team. The project goal is to provide Wolf Park with the ability to expand their conservation efforts through a donation box. The donation box will collect tokens from visitors in order for Wolf Park to help support other conservation organizations.

donation box team.jpeg

The Fox Enclosure team aided in the design of two new fox enclosures for the Wolf Park facilities. As well as helping redesign a roof for the winter months. The Fox Enclosure Team was happy to assist Wolf Park in helping these animals.